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Beach Rules 2021

The Beach Manager is in charge of the beach. In the Beach Manager’s absence, an Assistant Beach Manager or a representative designated by the Board of Directors or by the Beach Manager shall assume the helm and shall be afforded, by all who use the beach, the same respect and deference as the Beach Manager.  All Beach rules are to be followed by all Members, their households, guests and renters at all times.  Beach rules will be posted on the bulletin board near the entrance gate. 

To maintain the good order, safety and general enjoyment of all on and around the beach, beachgoers must abide by the following rules:

1.    All entrants must sign in, and, if asked, must provide proper identification, proof of Membership or a valid Guest Card and, if         applicable, pay an entrance fee.  Guest Cards are not required for any child three (3) years of age or younger, all of whom MUST be signed in and accompanied by a parent or an adult, at least eighteen (18) years of age or older.
2.    Non-member Smallwood residents may not use another Smallwood resident's Membership Cards or Guest Cards to gain entrance to the beach.  Additionally, Members may not accompany a non-member Smallwood resident to the beach as their guest, without the express written consent of the Board of Directors.  Doing so may result in the suspension or revocation of the Member’s benefits or Membership.
3.    In the matter of water safety, the lifeguard’s word is law.
4.    It is the lifeguard’s decision as to whether or not a  beginning swimmer has the requisite skill to be allowed to swim beyond the shallow roped off area or to the raft.
5.    Swimming is permitted only when the lifeguard is on duty.
6.    Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult, at least eighteen (18) years of age or older, in order to gain entrance to the beach.
7.    No fishing is permitted at any time in or near the roped off area designated for swimming.
8.    The Association does not provide supervision of any playground equipment, therefore the safety of children playing with said equipment becomes the responsibility of the child’s parent or the adult who accompanied them to the beach.

9.    No barbecues or open fires are allowed except with written permission from the Board of Directors.

10.     The beach may not be used for private parties/celebrations (e.g., a formal gathering, an organization’s gathering or gathering by invitation).

11.     No pets are permitted on the beach; service animals are permitted (emotional support animals are not permitted).

12.     A small tent used as a sun shield for young children is permitted; erecting any other form of shelter, including a larger tent, is prohibited.
13.     Before exiting the beach for the day, beachgoers must fill in any holes they or their children made in the sand and place any community beach toys and incidental beach trash/recyclables in the appropriate receptacles.
14.     It is prohibited to bring household garbage/recyclables to be left in receptacles at the beach.
15.     Smoking of any type, including vaping, is prohibited on the beach.
16.     All listening devices must be used with headphones.
17.     Unless otherwise permitted by the SWCA Board or the Beach Manager, live music is prohibited.
18.     No glass containers or drinking glasses are permitted.
19.     As per the Covid-19 Emergency Code of Conduct, when entering or exiting Smallwood Beach OR when using the portable restrooms at Smallwood Beach a mask or face covering that covers the wearer’s mouth and nose must be worn.
20.     When it is not possible or practical to maintain at least six feet of distance between oneself and other persons not within one’s household or so-called “pod”, a mask or face covering that covers the wearer’s mouth and nose must be worn.
21.     During beach operation hours, under the supervision and at the discretion of the Beach Manager, kayaks, paddleboards, and inflatable rafts may be launched from the beach, beyond the swimming area.
22.     Any watercraft that has been sailed to the beach must be stored beyond the swimming area while a boater uses the beach.  All such watercraft must be removed from the beach no later than the end of the beach day.  Storage of any watercraft on the beach overnight is prohibited.
23.     The Association does not provide chairs or towels (Members may bring their own).  Members are responsible to remove all their belongings at the end of the day, including chairs.  No personal property may be stored at the beach.
24.     The Beach Manager or designated representative of the Association shall have the authority to summarily order a non-compliant or disruptive person to leave the beach for the day and, additionally, decide whether or not they may return the next day.  If the Beach Manager/representative feels that a stronger disciplinary action is warranted a formal complaint may be brought to the Conduct Review Board (see Code of Conduct).
25.     Failure on the part of SWCA Members, their households, guests or renters to abide by the beach rules or cooperate with beach staff or designated representatives may result, as per the Code of Conduct, in the suspension or revocation of beach privileges.  Continued rule breaking or lack of cooperation with staff/designated representatives will put a Membership in jeopardy. 
Swimming or using any type of recreational flotation device, including but not limited to inflatable rafts, plastic floats or rings and tire inner tubes, beyond the confines of the designated areas (i.e., beyond the ropes), as it is without lifeguard supervision and protection, has risks inherent in the act; doing so is at one’s own risk and peril.

27.     When the beach area is closed no one may come ashore or breach the fence to use the beach area or its facilities.

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