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Eligibility:  Homeowners*  whose home is a freestanding single-family house that is located within the boundaries of the Hamlet of Smallwood (herinafter known as a Qualified Dwelling) as delineated by the document known as “Boundary Map of Smallwood N.Y. for the Purposes of Membership in the Civic Association of Smallwood, NY, Inc.” (Boundary Map) are eligible for membership in the Civic Association of Smallwood (hereinafter referred to as the Association or SWCA).  The Boundary Map can be found via the link at the bottom of this document.

*Membership is limited exclusively to natural persons and testamentary or lifetime trusts.  Domestic or foreign corporations, limited liability companies and/or other legal entities are not eligible for membership.

Application Process:  An applicant for membership must submit an Application Form, proof of ownership of a Qualified Dwelling, exclusively in the form of a current recorded deed, and a non-refundable Application Fee of $250 payable to the Civic Association of Smallwood, NY, Inc.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to decline applications for membership for any reason not barred by Federal, State and Local law.

As part of the Application Form the applicant must affirm that their home complies with Bethel’s zoning laws and is a freestanding single-family home and further that they have read and agree that they, their household members and their guests shall abide by all rules of the SWCA as they pertain to Mountain Lake and its beach, the docks, watercraft, fishing, the Lodge and Park Complex, including the tennis and pickleball courts, and the Code of Conduct.

If approved, the Application Fee shall be applied to the prospective new member’s one time Membership Initiation Fee.

Membership Initiation Fee:  The Membership Initiation Fee is a non-refundable fee of $750.  It is earmarked for a dedicated fund, the Lake Capital Improvement Fund.  The sole purpose of this fund is to ensure the ongoing environmental sustainability and health of Mountain Lake, its shoreline, beach, and dam. This fund enables the SWCA to set aside money for the repair and maintenance of the dam, beach and other facilities and infrastructure associated with the Association’s use of the lake.

As the Application Fee is non-refundible it is incumbent upon the applicant to be certain that their home is a Qualified Dwelling as defined above. The three tests of qualification are: 1) compliance with Town zoning, 2) geographically within the confines of the Boundary Map, and 3) type of ownership.
Should you be uncertain of qualification please reach out to the SWCA Board in advance of submitting your application. You may contact us at:

Boundary Map link.

If you feel certain that you fulfill the eligibilty requirements you can access the Application Form here.

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