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Friends of Toronto Celebrate Public Access Point Reopening May 2012

The Toronto Dam Recreation Area, ten times the size of our lake, offers Smallwoodians a wider range of FREE recreational resources such as fishing, a trout stream, boating, and canoeing. Comments about your experience at Toronto Dam are most welcome


You will be asked to present personal information. The Docket# is P-10482

Threat of No Swimming at East Access

Dear Ms. Bose:
Friends of Toronto are unhappy with the plan of Eagle Creek regarding Toronto Reservoir East Access Area, especially after meeting with Mr. Gates and other stake holders April 23 [2014]. It was understood that the focus of the meeting had to do with the hours of operation of the Recreation Area. Subsequent letters from Eagle Creek expanded the plan to prohibit swimming based upon a statement that unnamed New York State health officials said "swimming is not allowed at the Toronto East Access Area". Since this untimeliness addition to the discussion is now noted, we believe that this plan should be rejected by the FERC. This discussion has been now added to the Stake Holder Conference without identifying who these New York health officials are. Swimming has taken place for the past three summers since Eagle Creek has been in charge of the area. The threat of no trespassing was met by the Bethel Supervisor, Dan Sturm, that limited resources are available to patrol and monitor this area. Conflicting prohibited activities are listed in another letter attachment to the FERC which says, "Use of private docks and other privately owned structures along the shoreline are prohibited". This item disappears on another attachment. What is the policy and how does this change become sustained when it was not discussed at the Stake Holders Meeting?
The Friends of Toronto do not wish for a confrontation at the Recreation East Access Area, but this policy, if enacted, will most certainly bring about unpleasant outcomes for this season and thereafter. The FERC should not take the Stake Holders Meeting as an acceptance of the Eagle Creek submission. Please accept this statement as you have accepted the lake filing of Eagle Creek of its Recreation Plan.
This has been a long journey for The Friends of Toronto only now to see a possible thwarting of the real recreational use of the Toronto East Area. We ask the FERC to carefully consider the afore mentioned objections to the Eagle Creek Plan. Nothing has been done with regard to the Trout Stream access or is it mentioned in the plan.
Thank you for your reception and consideration of The Friends of Toronto.
Friends of Toronto, et al
Bob Barrett
Herman Wiener
Nino Nanarone
MaryAnn Burke
Dr. and Mrs. Goldfarb
Peter Conroy
Myron Rock
Merilee G.



July 16, 2014

Ms. Kimberly Bose, Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Mail Code: DHAC, PJ-12.6

888 First Street, NE,  Washington, DC 20426

Dear Ms. Bose:

Since Eagle Creek is attempting to change it’s filing after FERC issued a final order, The Friends of Toronto Stakeholders must request that FERC not allow their re-submission of the approved FERC plan. Eagle Creek is not now nor for the past two years been cooperative in fulfilling FERC’s requirements. They are now quoting unnamed New York State Health Officials regarding swimming at the Toronto Hydro East Access Area. These officials are not identified and this smacks of the prior use of FERC closing the area totally for public use in 2002.

Attached, please find a Friends of Toronto email to Bob Gates regarding the situation at the Toronto East Access. This situation has upset the community and the games being played now effectively limit the access area to nothing more than a parking lot.

We have tried to work with Eagle Creek and Mr. Gates, but there seems to be other forces pushing the envelope.

Please forward this information to the Commission and contact Joe Enrico in the New York Office, to verify his conversations with Mr. Gates two years ago that indicated swimming to be prohibited only at the launch area, and that he, or Eagle Creek could not prohibit swimming in the rest of the hydro-electric reservoir.

Since the summer is well under way swift action is needed to rectify an ugly developing situation.

Thank you.


Bob Barrett (all Friends of Toronto)

Att: 8 copies July 12, 2014 letter to Mr. Bob Gates.

Eagle Creek May 4, 2014 letter

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