Membership Eligiblity

All Smallwood and contiguous area (Smallwood) homeowners are eligible for membership. If Smallwood residents desire to enjoy Association Facilities and access to the Lake, they are encouraged to purchase their own membership - they may not utilize another Smallwood resident's membership. Homeowners with multiple Smallwood houses are expected to purchase separate memberships for each house. A membership includes up to ten (10) members per household. Invited house guests are only permitted on Association property when accompanied by an adult member. Renters are not considered house guests. All members are expected to carry proof of membership plus government issued identification and present such when asked to do so by Association representatives.

Non-member Smallwood residents may not be accompanied by members on Association property including the Civic Park, Lodge, Beach, Lake and surrounding property. Doing so may result in such person's membership, including that of all household members, being revoked.

For Smallwood Homeowner Members who are renting their Smallwood home
To obtain membership privileges for your renters:
  • STEP 1: Purchase a Landlord Membership
    A Landlord Membership includes Civic with Lake Privileges for one (1) set of renters and the homeowners.
    Homeowners who temporarily or permanently reside in a separate Smallwood property are expected to purchase their own separate membership.

  • STEP 2: For additional sets of renters, purchase Weekly Renters Beach Passes as needed, available on the Calendar. 
    Homeowners who rent out multiple Smallwood properties are expected to purchase a membership for each property.
The process is as follows:
      1. Beach season will begin on the final weekend of June and end on Labor Day Monday at 6:00 pm.
        Weekly Renter Beach Passes will be valid from Saturdays at 10:00 am until Fridays at 6:00 pm (7 days).
      2. Weeks will begin on Saturday at 10:00 am and end on the following Friday at 6:00 pm (7 days). The final week will be from Saturday before Labor Day to Labor Day, Monday  at 6:00 pm (10 days).
      3. The Landlord Member will sign in at, access the Association Calendar and register their renters for a specific week. 
      4. A fee of $30.00 per week will be made using the PayPal, debit or credit card payment process. No cash or other forms payments will be accepted at the beach.
      5. Upon PayPal checkout, the Weekly Renter Beach passes will be automatically emailed to the Landlord. It is the sole responsibility of the Landlord to provide the Renters with the CONFIRMATION RECEIPT of Weekly Renters Beach Pass.
      6. Beach Gatekeepers will check the CONFIRMATION RECEIPT of Weekly Renters Beach Pass submitted by the Renter against the master list to verify that the Landlord has paid his annual membership fee and that the CONFIRMATION RECEIPT is authentic.
      7. The gatekeeper will stamp the CONFIRMATION RECEIPT of Weekly Renters Beach Pass each time it is presented for entry to the Beach. 
      8. The CONFIRMATION RECEIPT of Weekly Renters Beach Pass must list: 1. Dates that the Weekly Renters Beach Pass is valid; 2. Landlord's Name; 3. Renters Names; 4. Rental Address.
      9. Renters holding valid stamped passes may enjoy access to all Association facilities and member activities. 
      10. Renters who do not follow posted beach rules will be asked to leave the beach and not be permitted reentry.
      11. There will be no full or partial refunds due to weather, sanitary or other unforeseen conditions that require Smallwood Beach to be closed.

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