The Association owns the property off which all Mountain Lakes docks are built and any Member with Lake privileges may make use of any and all docks. Docks may only be installed with written permission from the Board of Directors.

Signs were posted on individual docks around lake that are in need of repair. These repairs need to be completed or the dock will be removed. 

  1. No new dock may be installed nor existing dock enlarged or replaced without written permission from the Board of Directors in response to a written request stating the location and site of the proposed dock. Requests should include a drawing of the dock, photo of the proposed site. Requests must be sent to Civic Association, PO Box 151, Smallwood, NY 12778. The size of the dock may vary depending on the terrain of the shore before it extends over the water. The maximum size of the dock will be decided after site is inspected by a board member, and approved. All docks approved by the Board of Directors are subject to a $250.00 permit fee to support the removal of docks that have fallen into disrepair and must be removed. For most docks the maximum size will be 12' X 8' with a 3' ramp of the required distance to allow boat launching from the dock based on the depth of water required to launch.

  2. The Association reserves the right to remove docks that fall into disrepair and are deemed hazardous. For this purpose a new $250.00 fee is being collected before the final approval for dock construction. 

  3. While only a small number of members are accorded the privilege of installing a dock on association property, members in good-standing may fish from any shoreline location including docks. Chains, fences or barriers of any sort around docks are expressly forbidden.

  4. The builder may tie up to the dock he erected, but may not store boats on top of dock.

  5. No parking vehicles of any type on Lake Property except at boat launch. No overnight parking at boat launch.

  6. No swimming from any Civic Association Lake Property except at designated swimming areas off Smallwood Beach.



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